Prison Break In Damaturu : Boko Haram

Initial reports indicate there was a jail break at the Damaturu prison in Yobe state morning.

Residents said they heard multiple explosions around the premises of the prison which is opposite the Emir’s Palace on Gashua road.

There has been a curfew over Damaturu since Tuesday June 16 after a violent confrontation between the Joint Task Force and members of Boko Haram claimed over 90 lives.

The restriction of movement has prevented residents from ascertaining the nature and exact outcome of this morning’s attacks.

Security sources say Boko Haram suspects are usually kept at the small Damaturu prison before being taken to Abuja for further interrogation.

The state’s main Prison facility is at Potiskum. Our correspondent reports that the Damaturu Prison is walled by dwarfed fences and manned by only a handful of wardens.

Efforts to contact the JTF and the Police for further details have not been successful.


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