Prostitute Attack Politician With Faeces For Failing To Pay For Services

A kenyan politician in Mwavumbo, Mariakani area was yesterday attacked by a prostitute he had refused to pay last month after sex with her.

The prostitute claimed that they had negotiated the fee but he ran away before she could reach him. In a dramatic incident, the politician who is known to frequent the petite girls’ base went there and requested for services from one of the girls.

As the politician approached the hotel room, another prostitute who had been a victim of his wits saw him.
The politician however went along with his business and when they finished their illicit affair, he walked out of the hotel room and was greeted by a prostitute holding human waste.

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The woman hit him with the human waste and decorated his stunning expensive suit with it. “You thought you will run away, where is my money, you ran away without paying what kind of a man are you? Ashamed by his newly acquired state, the politician paid the prostitute all the money he had and ran to his waiting car.

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