Prostitute Took US$ 4 Million For Sex

Shanita Namuyimba alias Bad Black, a former prostitute , shocked many, when she told a Ugandan court that the money her former white boyfriend is alleging she stole from him, was in payment for sex. The rest was for breast and butt implants.

While testifying, Bad Black told the court how she gave Greenhalgh, the boyfriend, all corners of her body, making him experience pleasure he had never experienced before.

It was then that Greenhalgh asked her to leave prostitution and become a housewife.“The Daveshan account was a love account. It was not a business account,” she said. “We opened it because David said the money he wanted to send me was too much to be authorized on a personal account.” she added.

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The former twilight girl confessed that she used the money to live on the fast lane, funding lavish parties, buying cars and houses and shopping trips to Dubai.

The two are entangled in a court battle with the business czar claiming Bad Black stole over US $ 4 millon ( SH500m) from him before they parted ways.

It puzzled the court how a 54-year old British Engineer with a Masters degree could entrust a prostitute and an S.2 drop-out with such money.

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