Relatives besiege transport company

Relatives of the victims of the Friday fatal accident in Edo State, on Saturday besieged the offices of The Young Shall Grow Transport, in Lagos, seeking information about their loved ones.

The 60-seater luxury bus, belonging to the company had left Lagos on Friday morning and was headed for Enugu, when it got involved in the accident that resulted in fuel tanker explosion, which left some people dead.

Many of the relatives and sympathisers, who visited the popular Jibowu office of the company, were referred to the company’s headquarter in Maza Maza, Lagos.

An  official of the company at Jibowu, insisted that they were not authorised to give out information on the incident, and also refused to give out phone numbers of officials at the headquarters.

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“If you want to know anything about the accident, go to the headquarters, at Alakija in Maza Maza. All the ogas are there and the manifest for the journey is there too,” one of the officials told Newsmen.

Another official of the company, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said the accident was a big blow to the company and noted that the luxury bus was barely a week old.

“It was very unfortunate. Nobody came out of the luxury bus. It’s a very difficult period for us,” he said.

He advised relatives of the victims to visit the company’s headquarters for further direction, and stated that management of the company was working on modalities to pay compensations to family members of the victims.

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A man, who identified himself simply as John, fought hard to hold back tears when he spoke to our correspondent.

He lost his younger brother in the accident and said he was in too much pain to speak about the incident.

“I’m in serious pain. My brother has gone just like that. Well, such is life. What can I do about now?” he said.


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