REVEALED: How a Nigerians was almost murdered for protesting A Nigerian’s death in India

Few days ago, NAIJA CENTER NEWS published about Nigerians in India who blocked the federal high way protesting the death of a fellow National that was found dead with stab wounds on his neck and other parts of his body in India.

Video here:

In the video, one of the India minister was seen complaining of how Nigerians attacked police to the point of death and alleged it was a serious crime, he added that over 50 Nigerians were arrested and 2 in the hospital.

What we could not ascertain as at that time was the reason why 2 Nigerians  were in the hospital if they were the one who attacked the police and the van?

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A new video emerged on Youtube on how a Nigerian was seriously assaulted almost to the point of death contrary to what the minister said that Nigerians attacked the police. There was no evidence to show where Nigerians attacked the police or a report that indicate any of them in the hospital. Now watch the video below:

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