Securities should ask Obasanjo to show where killers squad is being trained- N’Deltans

ObasanjoNiger Delta Leaders Assembly, NDLA, has warned that it would no longer take kindly to some regions of the country, individuals or groups, taking advantage of President Goodluck Jonathan’s right to a second term to deride the President or hold his office in contempt.

The region’s leaders, at a session in Port Harcourt, River State, gave the warning to highlight their displeasure over continued verbal assault on President Jonathan, particularly as demonstrated in the recent celebrated letter from former President Olusegun Obasanjo.

In an address by its President, Dr. Carson Agidah and Acting Secretary-General, Samuel Abasiekong-Abasiekong, the NLDA said:  “We shall not go to war with anybody, neither shall we antagonise any government, political parties, their members or leaderships, but we advise all disgruntled persons to allow the President, our son, govern the country without interference and seek re-election as other presidents did.

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“We remind Obasanjo that phenomena like insecurity and corruption were born in Nigeria by past administrations, started crawling in past administrations and started walking and running in Obasanjo’s administration.

“The former president should have arrested, prosecuted and executed them, but he didn’t do so. So, if in Jonathan’s time insecurity and corruption have developed wings and are flying, should Jonathan be blamed?”

They thanked Obasanjo for the role he played in the emergence of a Niger Deltan as President, but stressed that recognising that patriotic act for his motherland was not enough for the former president to turn Jonathan into a slave.

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“On the alleged killer squad owned by Jonathan, every Nigerian knows those things do not look like Jonathan at all.
“If Obasanjo knows where someone is training a killer squad to kill some Nigerians, he should be invited by security agencies to show where the training is taking place and who owns them,” the group said.

On 2015, the group said it was no more whether Jonathan would contest or not, adding that President Jonathan will contest the elections and would be sponsored by its members.

“The entire Niger Delta is sending him and we shall buy his form to stand the election. There is an indisputable fact that his administration has been better than former administrations,” it said.

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One Response to "Securities should ask Obasanjo to show where killers squad is being trained- N’Deltans"

  1. Adedokun Abass   December 18, 2013 at 8:53 pm

    Critically looking at the message, the messenger, the medium andthe motive. Presidential aids for some days now tried to explainaway OBJ’s letter to their boss but I want to make this assertion;OBJ’s letter may be “most reckless and indecorous charges, highlyunbecoming, mischievous and provocative” but some issues in thatletter are not “baseless and unjustifiable”. GEJ’s kitchen cabinet takenote! I don’t like seeing pot calling kettle black, I think OBJ’s letter wasborne out of a strained relationship with GEJ, resulted to hisresignation from PDP BOT chair. GEJ’s picking of same OBJ’sdefeated Aneni didn’t go down well with BABA, GEJ’s independentminded posture/total detachment from his benevolent god-fatherdidn’t go down well with OBJ, unconsulting attitude of GEJ to OBJlately was seen as rude posture by god-father. Whenever u say noto OBJ’s ideas, advanced god-fatherism you are in for a serioustrouble coated in a salvaging missionary design to deceive thesimple minded. Atiku is a rogue to him. Tinubu is an animal. AuduOgbe is a bush man. His own son GBENGA is an idiot/ a prodigalson. Jonathan is incompetent and docile. GEJ’s aids are sycophants.It is only OBJ that is wiser than all put together. Those of us who stillremembered what it used to be before GEJ knows that presidentJonathan is the best we have seen since 1999. And no past presidentor head of state did achieve all he has done in just three years ininfrastructural development etc. let’s be honest for once! Obj did amillion times all the allegations he leveled against Jonathan in thatletter, which some are lies, OBJ talked of corruption, OBJ spent closeto sixteen billion dollars on NEPA/PHCN alone, OBJ as a sittingpresident did coarse governors, government contractors, ministersand business moguls to raise a whopping seven billion naira in twohours for a private library project, Today larger part of that moneywas converted to building of five star hotels in Otta, can Obama trythat in America even closer south Africa and Ghana? Let obj call forlunching now and see if he can raise even twenty million naira ,hetook undue advantage of his position. Cartons of naira weredisplayed as bribe money at the chambers of the national assemblyto support third term agenda, OBJ talking of witch hunting , chasedOrji Kalu’s Slok airline to Gambia simply because he challengedAneni on the monies, three billion naira expended on Lagos/Ibadanand Lagos/ Benin road without anything to show for it, Savannabank was closed because of Jim nwobodo’s interest to presidentialcontest, OBJ chased Globacom to Ghana because of his vestedinterest in South African MTN. OBJ used to change national assemblyofficers at will, same for PDP chairmen just to soothe his whims andcaprices. Brutal force at Odi, Zakibiam on defenseless civilians, OBJused five legislatures to impeach a sitting governor Alamesiegha inBayelsa state, He virtually supervised the kidnapping of Ngige,another sitting governor in Anambra and that was the beginning ofthe monster “KIDNAPPING BUSINESS” was born, even RotimiAmechi received a little dose of OBJ’s Venom though later saved bythe court, Morris Iwu of INEC used to right election results in Aso-Villa for OBJ. I think we Nigerians are people of short memory or wehave refused to be open to facts. Dr Bola Ige was killed, Dikibo wasmurdered and so many politically motivated assassinations duringOBJ’s regime, the killers are yet to be found. In all sectors Jonathandespite deliberate insecurity problems has outperformed hispredecessors, in infrastructure, agriculture, aviation and unbundlingof phcn. Nigerians please do not bother about OBJ’s letter toPresident Jonathan. He still practice the pull him down mindset. GEJhas excelled where OBJ failed and we may not have gotten toEldorado but the road map is clearer now and Nigerians are nowhopeful because of Jonathan’s performance. If really OBJ meanswell, why did he make a private letter public? Could he have allowedthis type of letter delivered to the public during his tenure? OBJ’sintention is to appease some section of the country and incite thepeople against GEJ. I suspect this whole game is pointing to 2015revenge of a god-father to an estranged god-son, choosing anorthern stooge to spite GEJ and well meaning Nigerians, justbecause it can never be done through the ballot box. BABA does notwant GEJ to contest so who does OBJ want to be the President?These groups buying this deceit by supporting OBJ’s letter are doingso because they have no stake in GEJ’s government. There are veryfew honest persons in Nigeria. They support when they are a part ofthe looting, and against when they are not part of the process. Theyare nothing but slimy leeches. If GEJ goes hard on them, they willcall it a political witch hunt, if he plays gentle they will say he isdocile. Is it because he is from the minority? Therefore you cannever please Nigerians. This letter is definitely not about corruptionbecause corruption was worse under OBJ. It is about 2015 as OBJwith his hubris wants to continue to be the King maker. If GEJsurrenders to OBJ today the game and OBJ’s language changes overnight. But GEJ should be ready to go into exile because goodnumber of Nigerians that know what the fight is all about (2015relevance) will be highly disappointed in him. Nigeria belongs to all ofus and if OBJ thinks that the South/South and the South East that laythe golden eggs don’t deserve a stake in the Nigerian project, I saybring it on. If he is calling for the destruction of Nigeria so be it andthat will benefit the South/ South and South East better. OBJ isoffended because he thought he was foisting a push over that hecan remove at any time and replace with another. If OBJ has fangs,why didn’t he use it when Abacha almost killed him in jail? Staystrong GEJ because all well-meaning Nigerians are solidly behindyou, we know what the hypocritical-sugar-coa ted fight is all aboutand there is nothing OBJ or anyone can do about it. Let every onetest his or her popularity at the polls, be it primary or generalelections PERIOD!


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