South East CAN issue final warning to BOKO HARAM and entire Muslim.

Christians in the Southeast have threatened to attack mosques and palaces of Islamic leaders in the zone in retaliation of incessant bombings on Christians and churches in the North by Boko Haram. They made this resolution yesterday in Enugu through the zonal Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) Chairman and Bishop of Enugu Anglican Communion, Rt. Rev. Emmanuel Chukwuma following last Sunday’s bombing of the Christ Chosen Church in Jos, Plateau State and another Church in Biu, Borno State.

Bishop Chukwuma who addressed newsmen at the Bishop Court, Enugu, said if nothing was done urgently by the Federal Government and Islamic leaders in the North to stop Boko Haram, “Christian leaders will have no other option than to begin retaliation on their mosques and emir palaces.” He lamented that attacks on Christians in the North every Sunday had become a weekly ritual, saying that it was giving Christian leaders a lot of concern as it was increasingly militating against the security of Christians in their worship places.

His words: “Therefore, we are moved to give this last warning to the Federal Government and Moslem leaders to issue a check and warning to their subordinates because if this should continue, we, as Christian, leaders will have no option than to begin retaliation on their mosques and emir palaces.

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“We cannot fold our arms and allow our churches and worshippers to be maimed for no just cause. This act of bombing by this Boko Haram is capable of causing another civil war because the Biafran war was not as severe as this and there was war against Biafra. We are, therefore, warning that this is capable of causing another civil war and we are ready for it.

“For me as the Southeast CAN chairman, I’m ready to lead people with Ogbunigwe (the Biafran bomb used during the civil war); this Ogbunigwe will be more severe than the Boko Haram bombs. And we want to warn them that they know that they are building mosques in the South and have Moslem communities in the South which we have been sparing, but if they don’t stop, we shall begin retaliation and that will be the beginning of another civil war in Nigeria.”

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The bishop said they were giving the Islamist sect last warning, saying that if they continued in the act against their Christian brethrens in the North, they would retaliate. “However, we call on our Christian brethrens in the North to be very much encouraged that we Christians in the South are not keeping quiet, we are praying for them and ready to support them and defend them on this continual carnage which we continuously say cannot stop Christianity from growing.

“And nobody in this country will ever Islamize this nation; we will never and we shall resist any form of violence to disturb this present government because it is a Christian-led government or the spread of Christianity in this country, we will resist it absolutely and we have no apology to anybody.

“We in the southern part of Nigeria, particularly Southeast, have seen civil war and I have said this so many times, we are not afraid of war anymore; and we are ready, therefore, to go to war to defend our Christian brethrens in the North and we are saying enough is enough because it is obvious now that Boko Haram is out to deal with Christians and Christians will not keep quiet anymore,” he fumed.

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The bishop said why Christians had endured thus far was that they were thinking that the security agencies would be able to stem the situation, noting that it has now become obvious that the Boko Haram menace was not abating.

Bishop Chukwuma, said that Christians are now ready for war: “I am ready to mobilise Ogbunigwe from the Southeast to face them, so Boko Haram should be warned because we still have people in the East who can manufacture this Ogbunigwe. And they should be careful because by the time we mobilise MASSOB, mobilise the Odua Peoples’ Congress (OPC), mobilise the militant, Boko Haram will have no place to go to,” the bishop noted.

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