Special Fraud Units Arraigns Lebanese

A 29-year-old Lebanese, Hamza Koduh, has been arraigned by the Special Fraud Unit of the police for fraudulent conversion of money.

In a statement made available to newsmen and signed by the SFU Head of Public Affairs, Pius Afachung, Koduh is said to have diverted the sum of $80,000 to personal use after the  money was paid into his foreign account for conversion.

The Commissioner of Police, SFU, Mr. Tunde Ogunsakin said, “Koduh makes his foreign account available to persons with need or a desire to transfer money, some of which are proceeds of 419. Knowing how illegitimate the money may be, he would convert such money, mostly in US dollars.

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“An example was when the sum of $80,000 was paid into Koduh’s account TD4267795462. Having converted the money, the suspect falsely claimed the Florida bank, where the money was lodged, had blocked it. Investigations later revealed that Koduh had converted the money to his personal use.”

Ogunsakin also stated the arrest of an Ibadan-based business woman, Bunmi Akintoye.

The suspect is said to be undergoing investigation over several cases of fraud involving millions of naira.

“Members of the public are hereby warned to be at alert as some other persons of the type of Akintoye are out there prowling in search of innocent and unsuspecting victims,” Ogunsakin said.

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