St. Mulumba Warns Parents, Girls Against Abortion

THE Order of the Knights of St. Mulumba, Nigeria, Maryland Sub-Council, Lagos has warned parents against assisting their children to procure abortion, saying it is murder and could lead to untoward consequences.

Speaking at a seminar organised by the group for parishioners of the Catholic Church of Presentation, GRA, Ikeja, Lagos with the theme, ‘Life: A Gift from God; Protect It,’ recently, the Deputy Grand Knight of the Sub-Council, Michael Nwaojei said: “Nobody has the right to take life in any form because it did not come from us.

“We have been talking to the youths in secondary schools about the evil of abortion and the opportunities they have to abstain from pre-marital sex. Today, we have decided to bring this same message to parents through the Christian Women Organisation (CWO) because we found out that even mothers in our society take their daughters to the hospital to procure abortion to protect their prestige and ego, which is evil. We are hoping that they will spread the message they have received today because it is very vital for the survival of the world.”

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He urged parents to have a good relationship with their children, educate them on the dangers of pre-marital sex rather than aiding them “to commit murder when there is a mishap.”

He added: “Parents should be able to create a kind of environment that will make their children to see them as friends so that they will be able to talk to you at difficult times. There are other means of talking to them if you don’t talk to them. Friends and peer groups can talk to them and deceive them; the radio and television we have in our homes will also talk to them and they tend to believe them.

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“But if we parents continue to play our roles, then we will be able to counter some of the misinformation that they come across in their daily lives. So, we have to instill our values on our children so that we can help them to abstain from pre-marital sex because once they do that, they will be exposed to the dangers of abortion. The message we have centres on two things – prevention through education; and that when there is a mishap, parents should try and protect the baby instead of destroying it,” he said.

He added: “One of the dangers of abortion is that you endanger the life of the lady you are trying to procure abortion for. The womb could be damaged and you don’t know whether it is the only child that daughter will have. Certain diseases can also be contacted through the process of abortion.

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