TB Joshua was in the womb for 15 months

Early birthday celebrations for Nigerian televangelist, Prophet TB Joshua who has turned 49 today were held last Friday in Eastlea. The event was graced by Emmanuel TV partners, members of the Synagogue Church of all Nations (SCOAN), children from Emmanuel Children’s home and students from Early Bird Education centre in Marondera.

The event was marked by pomp and fanfare as poems were recited in honour of the prophet while others testified on how they have been assisted and uplifted by Prophet TB Joshua’s ministry. Speaking at the event SCOAN elder Raymond Madhibha gave a detailed background of Prophet TB Joshua. He said this birthday was ‘extraordinary’. His mother carried him in her womb for FIFTEEN MONTHS, only seven months shy of an elephant’s gestation period.

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“We are celebrating the birth of God’s holy servant, today I want to explain to you about the birth of TB Joshua. Before TB Joshua was born his birth was foretold by a prophet who came to Nigeria. The prophet said that a boy shall be born in Nigeria and his ministry shall be one with a difference. The prophet also spoke about the things that we see demonstrated by the anointing that rests upon our prophet. The other thing to note about his birth is that he was delivered by his mother AFTER FIFTEEN MONTHS!”

Elder Raymond Madhibha added: “When he was due to be delivered another prophetic word came from another prophet who said that the child was not supposed to be born through the caesarean section. He said that God was processing our prophet for the great ministry that we have today. When he was born, there was a blasting of stones that was being done at a mountain next to his parents’ house. It so happened that when his mother picked him from the floor where he was delivered, A VERY BIG STONE DROPPED INTO THE HOUSE and fell on the EXACT SPOT where baby TB Joshua was sleeping.”

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Meanwhile, On Emmanuel TV, TB Joshua thanked people around the world who celebrated his birthday. He said he had dedicated his birthday for prayer for the church and unity in the body of Christ.

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