Teacher caught having sex with a female student in classroom

School is a citadel of learning, an environment that is said to modify or build a child to adjust to the society. The recent development of young teachers towards their students has taken a different dimension. Institutions is now a place where teacher teaches sex using the students as a sample.

This goes from secondary education to tertiary education where teachers now send threats to students for not agreeing to sleep with them. Any students who is marked by the teacher for such an act would fail her exams or that particular course if care is not taken or if she doesn’t  agree to the teacher’s plea.

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I just came across a shocking picture of what looked like a teacher having s*x with a female pupil right inside the classroom.
From the angle of the image, it was not hard to tell that the s*x was not forceful but it takes nothing away from the wrongness of having a teacher having s*xual int*rcourse with his female pupil.

I just thought i should send out a warning to parents and guardians to ensure they pay more attention to their daughters and female wards.

When parents play their part, we shall then ask the Lord to watch over these children while we go about our businesses in order to provide for them.

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A word is enough for the wise.

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