Video- African leaders think that their countries are their personal estates – Jonathan

By Ehi Ekhator, Colombo, Sri Lanka.

President Goodluck JonathanThe president of Nigeria, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan has said that some of the greatest problem in Africa is for the leaders to begin to think that the country they are elected to lead are their own personal estates.

His words ” Some of the greatest problems in Africa is for us who are leaders to begin to think that the country we are elected to lead are not our personal estates.”

The president revealed this while responding to questions from Aljazeera.

He said “Nelson Mandela never saw South Africa as his Personal Estate but as a state he was privileged to sit over .”

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He added that “If leaders begin to see the country as not their personal properties, but a country dear to everybody,  if the country progresses, everybody including the future generation will be okay, and that is the beginning of the great transformation in Africa”

He also said that African leaders should learn to display Mandela’s qualities.

He said ” Nelson Mandela demonstrated clearly that a leader must be patient, have forgiven spirit, bring peace, and make sure that the people are united”

While explaining how the ordinary people should remember Nelson Mandela, he said “what the world, whether you are a South African, East African, a Nigerian or anybody, what we can all do is to make sure that we all fight against the vices that Mandela fought for”

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He added “Mandela fought against oppression and if we still continue with this discrimination, against people, then of course we have no reason to celebrate Mandela”

NAIJA CENTER NEWS published President Jonathan statement at a Memorial Service in honor of the late freedom fighter at the Aso Rock Chapel in Abuja on Sunday where he stressed that the past leaders in Nigeria are lesser than Mandela.
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  1. Williams E. East
    Williams E. East   December 11, 2013 at 2:54 am

    We must learn this. Sure!


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