Video: Boko Haram vow to bomb America for aiding Nigeria in fighting terrorism

By Ekhator Ehi

Human Right Watch Accused Boko HaramBoko Haram has threatened to strike in United State for their promise to assist Nigeria in fighting terrorism and Muslim radicalism.

This was contained in a video released by Shekau, the leader of Boko Haram sect and made available to journalist on Thursday. United State tagged Boko Haramas a terrorist organisation with link to Al-Qaeda in November

In the Video, Boko Haram promised to attack United State for their intended assistance to Nigeria to fight terrorism.

“After that you said so many things. By Allah, you are lying. Were you truthful, oh America, you would have been truthful inside your country, you bloody liar. May Allah’s curse be on you,” the man believed to be Shekau, said in the video.

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“This message is intended as a glad tiding. Allah the Almighty has given us victory in the attack we launched inside Maiduguri on the 2nd of this month.

“We stormed the city and fought them (and) Allah blessed us with lots of booty.

“They call us Boko Haram but we are not Boko Haram. We are Jama’atu Ahlissunnah Lidda’awati Wal Jihad whose leader is Abubakar Ash-shakawy, who in the past committed a lot of infractions but when he followed the Quran and the prophet’s teachings, today even Obama fears him, Francois Hollande fears him, Benjamin Netanyahu fears him, the whole world fears him. Why? Because he holds on to Allah the Almighty.

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“You are boasting you are going to join forces with Nigeria to crush us, bloody liars. You couldn’t crush us when we were carrying sticks, is it today when we storm your barracks and commandeer your things one after the other, killed you in numbers that you are going to crush us? The man believed to be Shekau continued saying in the video.

“Where were you when your World Trade Centre was bombed, including your Pentagon when you were faced on your turf?

“Liars! May Allah protect us. This is a message from this small destitute who has become a nightmare to infidels” said Shekau who made the speech on the victory they achieved in Maiduguri.

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The message vowed to continue with the attack not just in Maiduguri but the whole world and reminded those who care to listen to repent and turn to Allah.

“By Allah we will never stop. Don’t think we will stop in Maiduguri, tomorrow you will see us in America itself. Our operation is not confined to Nigeria; it is for the whole world.

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