VIDEO: OMOITA ANTHEM – ft Wizzy, Cap B, Tipsy, Taiyel, Awon Boyz, Obadice, Venom, MacFly

Most people associate the name OMOITA as BAD, infact in Lagos, Nigeria the name OMOITA is stigmatized as an area boy, a bad boy, but the simple meaning of OMO means Person, and ITA means OUTSIDE, in todays language OMOITA is termed street person, person from the streets, street smart, street is talking. this musical film is a common and similar story that is shared amongst Nigerians in Nigeria and abroad, in New York City, London and even in Lagos Nigeria, there’s always that street mentality, that street talk or street slang, the street is always talking.

Special thanks to CAPB, WIZZY, TIPSY, TAIYEL, AWON BOYZ, OBADICE, VENOM, AWHY-O, STUDZ, YESI and especially SHELLIROY for writing a fantastic hook and JOSH BEATZ for creating one of the dopest BEATS for the song, thanks to everyone for bringing this project to live.

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