We Always Have Sex But He Doesn’t Know I’m HIV Positive

 Dear Nigerian Live Readers,
I am 25 years old and am a working lady. I’m very beautiful and attractive too, however I am H.I.V positive and no one else knows about this except me and my doctor.
I must admit that I have been engaging in risky sexual behaviors in the previous years but am now very focused about my future. I have a boyfriend whom we love each other so much.

Whenever we want to have sex, I usually insist for a protection because I don’t want to infect him with the virus. He is not aware about my status because he trusts me so much. I know he is H.I.V negative because I saw his recent medical history but the problem is that he thinks that I don’t love him simply because I deny him sex whenever he has no protection.

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He sometimes gets angered by that and becomes very violent. I wanted to tell him about my condition but I fear being dumped. On the other hand, I don’t see how this relationship is going to work without me telling him about this situation.
Please help..

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