We learnt of our daughter’s death on CNN – Parents

Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Chime, parents of the late Mrs. Antonia Attuh, one of the victims of the Dana plane crash, said on Thursday they first learnt about their daughter’s death while watching CNN.

Attuh, 45, a statistician, worked with the Westminster Council in the UK before taking up an appointment with the Central Bank of Nigeria, Abuja.

The couple, who expressed shock and disbelief over the crash, narrated their ordeal while receiving sympathisers in their residence in London.

“Everybody is devastated. We are confused and can’t believe what has happened. She only went to Nigeria for her children. She wanted them to learn the language and culture,’’ he said.

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Fidelia, 72, Attuh’s mother, described the deceased as a thorough professional, gentle and a kind person.

“We are very proud of her. She was very professional and gentle. She was a wonderful person, very caring and loving. She cared deeply about her family, about education.

“Antonia was always smiling and was a wonderful mother,” Fidelia said amid tears.

She added that family members in Nigeria were trying to recover her body at the hospital.

“I have my cousin who yesterday had gone through 30 odd bodies trying to locate her, and today he has gone through another 40. We still have no confirmation of a corpse. It is very difficult and distressing,” she said.

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Attuh is survived by her husband, Robert and three children Chichi, 12, Chikkie, eight and Amara, six.


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