We will return your call: Igbo group warns Boko Haram

About 26 Igbo Youth groups met in Enugu on Monday and warned northern leaders to intervene in the crises in the North by calling on Boko Haram to order.

The convener of the meeting and President of the Igbo Youth Movement, Mr. Elliot Uko, told our correspondent that last Sunday’s bomb attacks should be the last on churches and Igbo settlements in the North.

The IYM President said the Sultan of Sokoto, emirs, governors, elders and other political leaders in the North must show leadership by taking charge and stopping the killings and destructions targeted at Christian.

Uko said, “We decided to inform the Sultan of Sokoto and all the emirs that their reaction to the attacks on Christian places of worship in Northern Nigeria will decide whether Nigeria will survive or not.

“The continuous argument that they don’t know who those Boko Haram boys are, and the argument that poverty and hunger are responsible for the killings can no longer be accepted.

“Any other attack on Christian places of worship in which Igbo lives are lost in lead to a situation where nobody can guarantee the safety of northerners in Eastern Nigeria any more.”

Uko confirmed that Sunday’s attacks on churches in Zaria and Kaduna Uko claimed the lives of about six Igbo.

He said, “And we are talking to the Sultan, emirs and politicians from the north, they are the ones we are addressing, that we can no longer guarantee the safety of northerners anywhere in Nigeria.

“If the people, who have decided to provoke retaliation are committed towards the agenda, we will have no other choice; if their leaders fold their arms and do nothing, if their leaders tell us they cannot call them to order, we will have no choice

“We have no other choice than to show them that nobody has monopoly of violence and we are talking to the Sultan; they are the ones we are holding liable.We don’t believe them that they don’t know who those boys are.”

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