When Femi Kuti performed mid-air

As though living up to the late Abami Eda, Fela Kuti’s legacy, there are no limits or barriers, as far as the scion of the Fela’s music dynasty, Femi is concerned. And so, he proved that 38,000ft above sea level was not enough to stop him from doing what he knows how to do best-music.

On a recent trip aboard a KLM flight from Amsterdam to Lagos, Femi and the Positive Force LIVE stunned passengers when they picked up their music instruments and started performing.

Although shortly before the performance the pilot had informed the passengers, it became pretty clear that the artiste who was returning from a concert was only acting on impulse as he just wanted to entertain.

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The experience captured on a nine minutes long video that has since gone viral sees Femi perform popular tracks like Wonder Wonder and his cover of Fela’s Water no get enemy. The band members secured vantage positions around the aisles of the plane. At some point though, some people had to give up their seats so they could feel more at home.

Femi, who improvised the address system for the microphone succeeded in making the air hostesses and non-African passengers join in the fun.

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