Where to look for Nigerian police

From Jeff Ikhinmwin, Lagos.

When you are not sure where our police officers are when you need them……..look under your Sokoto trousers. Averagely, there are two or three mobile police officers attached to each senator and rep member; we have 109 senators and 306 rep members.

Multiply them, you know where to look for them. There are some super politicians that go with six or seven mobile police officers. There are close to six mobile police officers that goes with each big time general overseers. There are close to ten police officers that guards some of the mega churches.

There are two to three mobile officers that goes with bank CEOs. There are close to ten mobile officers that guards and also acts as escorts to each multi national company. Some of them acts as gatemen. Even chinco have mobile police escorts. What about the governors’ offices? Do that arithmetic yourself. There’s one that baffled, puzzled, as well as flummox me, I saw a three rope police officer acting as a receptionist in a one small company in Victoria Island. While the two rope officers were at the car park directing cars.

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Then, I began to ask myself questions. Apart from the indolent ones who don’t want to do the normal police work, most of these officers lobby or even bribe to be posted to those places mentioned above. Why u may ask? My findings revealed that a multi national company pays 67,000naira WEEKLY to a mobile police officer posted to act as security guard and escort.

And another money paid to the police division that sent that officer to the company. So, next time you wonder where our police officers are, you know where they are now. And next time you see some of these police officers attached to any of the establishment/individuals mentioned above harassing and trying to run you out of the road to pave way for Oga, you now know what motivates them.

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One Response to "Where to look for Nigerian police"

  1. Akintokunbo Adejumo   June 16, 2013 at 1:23 pm

    In a mad and disorderly and disorganised society such as ours (and please this is not unique to Nigeria) the Police is often an extension of the oppression of the people by their cruel and corrupt leaders.
    The Police and other para-military organisations are often, and consistently used to “protect the leaders from the followers”; used to intimidate and cower the people and used to subject them to force and brutal authority.
    The Police forces in these societies are never meant to keep law and order, security of lives and property or serve the public.
    They are instruments of intimidation and oppression/suppression by the selfish, greedy, brutal, evil, self-centred, conscienceless and dispassionate and corrupt elites/rulers on their people.


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