Why Pastor Chris Okotie’s Second Marriage Crashed!

To avoid unnecessary speculations that may be trailing his failing marriage, Pastor Chris Okotie, the General Overseer of Household of God, took the bull by the horn and formerly declared that he and Stephanie, his wife of four years, are going their separate ways.

The flamboyant preacher and three times presidential candidate of FRESH Democratic Party was alleged to have announced during last Sunday Church service, “Stephanie and I are separated without any further explanation.”

Although, many are no longer surprise about broken marriage of top celebrities, as it has become rampant nowadays, Pastor Chris failed second marriage is more interesting. It would be recall that his marriage to Stephanie, a mother of three from different men generated a lot of controversy with many people saying he should not have married in accordance with biblical principle but he quickly debunked such talks, saying that his critics do not understand the word of God.

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However, for those who might be wondering why the marriage crashed like badly arranged pack of cards, a reliable source squealed that Stephanie is been alleged of having spiritual problems which Pastor Chris could no longer cope with.

As the alleged spiritual problems become mysteries to be unravelled, Stephanie is said to have moved back to Marwa Gardens, where she lived before the marriage. “She did not pack out completely because her siblings and children stayed behind when she got married to Pastor Chris,” said an insider.

“They dated for 10 years and married for four years, is it now that he’s aware of her spiritual problems? There is more to that, and probably because she could not give him a child after four years of marriage,” another source said.

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