Why Stephanie Henshaw Divorced Rev.Chris Okotie

There are indications that Chris Okotie’s marital problems is due to his inability to get a woman pregnant. His first marriage to Tina lasted 17 years without a child, before they ultimately divorced with Tina relocating to USA to start a new life. She now has children of her own from her able and fertile husband.

Rev. Chris Okotie claims that Stephanie, who had three children from two previous relationships was destined to marry him from birth, he proclaimed during their first church service together after their marriage, back then in 2008, he was quoted :  “She was not particularly certain whether it was what God wanted for her. So I had a situation where I had to get the Lord to persuade her that He is part of this agreement,”. Unfortunately, that didnt stop Stephanie from seeking a divorce after 4 years without any child. No wonder Rev. Chis has also barred all his church members from discussing his divorce publicly or secretly, oh well since we are not members of his church, guess we are free to discuss the unfortunate issue.

We are not the only ones speaking about this shocking divorce from Rev. Chris, Nollywood celebrities also have something to say:

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Divorce is a normal thing that can happen when things go wrong and can’t be reconciled. It’s better to separate than to suffer. Even if he is a pastor he is human too.


Well, what do you say to this kind of thing? It’s a very difficult one. I really don’t know what to say. Marriage is an institution where you either pass or fail. One has to be very careful.

Cossy Orjiakor (Actress)

It’s a very delicate issue. They should just tread with care.

Senator Ita Giwa (Politician)

I think marriage is a private thing between a couple, and not something that the public should influence. It is a private thing if a couple have any difference between each other, they should call themselves together and sort it out between them. I know Pastor Kris Okotie and I know they will sort it out with each other. It is beyond us, it is beyond the public. It is their private matter.


Nobody would be happy to break up with his or her partner because I am sure they were in love with each other before they decided to marry. I think the media is not helping matters too. Let us leave them alone. It’s their personal lives.

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Elder O (Comedian)

He is at liberty to live his life the way he wishes. Most times, Christians live and die in a marriage that is not destined to work at all in the name of “no divorce, no polygamy”. But being a man of God, I think he should watch his actions and hear from God-because they (Pastors) always advise us against divorce.

Bashorun Dele Momodu (Ovation Publisher) 

It is sad and unfortunate that the marriage did not work. I feel like a stakeholder in that marriage. I attended their wedding and I was very excited about the love they exuded openly. Pastor Chris has been my friend of many years.

He is a man who supported me all the way during my exile years. So I feel very bad that this is happening again to him. But then, he is a human being like the rest of us. Being a pastor does not make you less human. What I like about him is that he is a very brave man, who is ready to carry his cross alone at any time.

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Even Jesus our Lord carried His own cross at a time. So there is nothing strange or new in men of God going through trials and tribulations. If he finds love again, I don’t think anything should stop him from doing so. He cannot live alone perpetually. Every man needs a good companion.

So we can only pray that God will find him a permanent companion. He should not be discouraged. As to your question whether he should marry a foreigner, I will say that it does not matter where a woman comes from, a human being is a human being. But I do not think that his choice of a wife should be limited to his church members. A man should look beyond his immediate environment for a marital partner. In a relationship, one person must make the move.

What is your opinion on this?

One Response to "Why Stephanie Henshaw Divorced Rev.Chris Okotie"

  1. Georgina Ehita   July 4, 2012 at 8:57 am

    Marriage is an institution as it is rightfully said. And also marriage is suppose to be for better or for worse, and if the the first woman could endured for 17 years without having a child for him, I see no reason why Stephanie couldn’t even endured with him for more than four years. after all she had children from her ex relationship.

    I think there is something else leading to the divorce, other then not being able to get her pregnant, cos I believe there is nothing prayer can not do, when two people come together and agree on something, with faith, it can work out. Is not as if he doesn’t a child or children, but they are not just fort coming, and i know all hope is not lost for him yet. God can do still do his miracles in his life.

    My prayer for him is that, if he is going to marry again, I pray God gives him a woman who will stand by him, with or without a child.


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