Woman accuses husband of using their daughter for rituals

Basirat Oluwole, a middle-aged woman, told a Magistrate Court in Abeokuta on Wednesday, that her husband, Tajudeen, has kept bones of one of their daughters months after she died.

Testifying in the court, during hearing in a divorce suit instituted against her by her husband, Basirat accused Tajudeen of engaging in fetish rituals and agreed that the marriage should be annulled.

She said her husband took possession of the bones of one of her twin children who died shortly after birth. According to her, many months after the death of her baby, she discovered the bones, wrapped in paper, with the inscription ‘Eegun Kehinde’ (Kehinde’s bone), inside her husband’s wardrobe.

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“I want to passionately appeal to court to help retrieve the dried bone of our deceased twin baby from him,” she said. “The baby died before her naming ceremony, but her twin sister is still alive. I don’t even know where the corpse was buried.”

Tajudeen denied the allegations, adding that his wife is quarrelsome.

The couple, in their individual submissions, asked the court to dissolve the 17-year-old marriage. Both are, however, fighting for custody of the children.

The judge, Israel Fajebe, declined to address the accusation of fetish rituals, saying that the court’s role is only to address matrimonial affairs. He dissolved the marriage and referred the child custody issue to Juvenile Court.

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Source – dailytimes


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