Woman Alleged N15m Scam Because I Refused To Sleep With Her-Jim Iyke

Yesterday, the ongoing war between Abuja businesswoman, Habiba Abubakar and Nollywood actor, Jim Iyke took a new turn. Habiba released on documents and a supposed ‘criminal’ pictures of Jim Iyke at the police station.

The story, which went viral after Nigeriafilms published it, was reacted to by Jim Iyke, who tweeted at us on social media, Twitter claiming the story was false.

Some of his tweets at Nigeriafilms read, “another unsubstantiated story. Your wanton exhibition of mediocrity is hilarious! I’m on location in Asaba (Delta State). You try too hard!

“Let me state what I suspect you already know; your comments can’t MAKE or MAR anyone’s career. Your prejudice and bias [comments] keep us lighted.”

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Soon after, he promised to give more ‘shout outs’ as he did before Habiba released these documents to the media.

According to some of Jim Iyke’s ‘shout outs’ few hours ago, “ok folks, the idea of the shout out is to read between the lines and compare notes with the bogus claims. You know the subject matter and the topics. So, follow closely!

“Please be advised that the subject matter will be referred to as the ‘lady from hell’.

“Shout out to OBSESSION. That can drive a middle-aged mother to relentlessly pursue a youngman’s end because he refused your sexual advances. Peo aint dumb!

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“Shout out to MOTHERS for their love and sacrifice. Any woman that can fabricate pictures and stories to hurt a mother invites an irrevocable curse. God judges!

“Shout out to the lady from hell for stealing pictures from my sister’s phone to photo-shop to insult my great mom. Won’t insult yours because my mom raised me better.”

He further tweeted more ‘shout out’ and also promised to do more till tomorrow.

In 2011, Jim Iyke was slapped with an alleged 15million Naira fraud case in court. In June 2012, he claimed that the case was thrown out of court for lack of evidence.

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Habiba has debunked Jim Iyke’s claim that the case was thrown out of court for lack of evidence. She reportedly said that she withdrew the case from court because Jim Iyke’s mother begged her.

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