Yekini was kidnapped, murdered – Lawyer

Lawyer to the late Super Eagles striker, Rashidi Yekini, Mohammed Jibril, has alleged that the former player was kidnapped and murdered raising dust over the circumstances surrounding the last moment of the soccer legend.

He said in Ibadan on Monday during tribute to the legend that “Yekini’s case was purely a case of kidnap and manslaughter.”

He asked amidst tears why the police are expecting a formal complaint before investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of the footballer, since the former Oyo State Commissioner of Police, Baba Adisa Bolanta, had given an order that nobody should forcibly take away Yekini without the conscent of the Police or the state government.

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“Yekini knew they were going to kill him. He has told me that before they forcefully took him away. I’ve saved him twice when they attempted taking him away. I reported to the police.

“The second time when they attempted his kidnap, Baba Adisa Bolanta stepped in, invited Yekini, his family, and myself, and after interviewing Yekini and satisfied with his responses, gave a standing order that his family should not forcefully take him away without the conscent of the Police.”

“This people violated this order by taking him away forcefully. According to the account of Yekini’s neighbours, they took him to an unknown destination.

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“Unfortunately, Yekini could not reach me before he was whisked away. I was told that he asked some of his siblings to help him get across to me so as to rescue him from where he was taken to. I learnt he described my office to his sister, but nobody got to me before he died.

“We are in a dilemma now. As we speak there is no death certificate, the hospital where he died, the doctor that treated him and the cause of his death.

“Without death certificate, I as his lawyer, who has knowledge of his property cannot take any action,” Jibril said. Jubril claimed that he met Yekini in 2002 while serving as youth copper in a chamber in Ibadan before he became his personal lawyer a year after.

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  1. Cheluchi   June 23, 2012 at 9:21 pm

    Oh my Godddddddddddd how sad this truly is…….. surely there must be some way of forcing that hospital to at least produce the death certificate so that his lawyer can begin proceedings of his will and testament. Are they so greedy of money now that they’re refusing to release such documentation without medical bills paid first. Jesus, what is this world coming to these days? Nawaoooooooo


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