Zumunta – FG must punish Boko Haram backbones

The Public Relations Officer of The Zumunta Inc, a Northern Peoples group based in the United States, Mrs Lami Alheri Dogonyaro, has urged the Goodluck Jonathan-led administration to urgently find out those behind Boko Hara’s attack and bring them to justice irrespective of their positions in the country.

Speaking in a brief interview with leadership during the just concluded 19th international convention of the association in Houston, Texas, the Zumunta’s spokesperson said that the government must deal with everybody found wanting in the menace without any reservations.

Mrs Dogonyaro also implored the people of Nigeria to work together with the security agencies in order to bring the activities of Boko Haram to halt, adding that it was time for the federal government to bring those behind the killings to justice irrespective of their positions in the society.

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Saying that Nigerian security agents should make the security of Nigerians their special assignments, she also urged National Security Adviser Sambo Dasuki and other service chiefs to do everything to stop the Boko Haram’s attacks on the innocent Nigerians.

She also that the Northern people would never support the acts that would destabilize Nigeria, adding that The Zumunta would do everything possible to support the government of Nigeria in its combat against terrorism and religious attacks. “The North is an important part of Nigeria and the zone will not benefit anything from the downfall of the country” she noted.

She pressed further that insecurity can not be fought decisively in Nigeria if the problems of corruption, unemployment and high-handedness are not solved by the federal government.

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“In order to find lasting solutions to these problems by trying to end the endemic violence and terror, which is threatening the fabric coexistence, peace and unity that existed amongst the diverse peoples of the Northern part of Nigeria for generations, there are several steps that must be taken immediately”

“There is a desperate need that the Northern Leaders, notably the Northern Governors Forum, come to the “drawing board” and create a road map for achieving peace once again in the region. The peoples of Northern Nigerian origin should put aside their differences and pursue the path of peace and resolve all existing conflicts to avoid a total disintegration of the region and the country as a whole” she said.

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Zumunta Association USA, Inc. is one of the oldest Nigerian organizations in the Diaspora.  It is a non for profit organization incorporated in the USA under Section 501(C)(3) of the US tax code. Its mission is to promote dialogue, understanding, and cooperation for social, economic and good governance to further the well-being of all its members, northern Nigeria and its host communities.

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