Why the Bini are neglected under Jonathan’s administration – Roland Owie

BENIN CITY-FORMER Chief whip of the senate, Senator Rowland Owie, yesterday, said that the people of his Benin ethnic group should not complain about being marginalized in the administration of President Goodluck Jonathan since they supported All Progressive Congress (APC) and not the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

The Benin Forum, an umbrella body of all Benins, had lamented paucity of Benin presence in the President Goodluck Jonathan’s administration despite availability of highly qualified Benin sons and daughters.

But reacting yesterday, Senator Owie asserted that “Edo South (Benins) cannot blame the Federal Government for marginalization. In politics the yardstick for sharing things is productivity. Why won’t the district be treated that way when it never produced any elected office holder that is in the PDP.

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“ The four members of the House of Representatives and the senator from the district are all APC. When PDP controlled Edo South in 1999, the Binis had the governor, chairmanship of many boards including PPMC and a grade A Ambassador in the person of Prince Ehenede Erediauwa. However, our community leaders declared in 2012 that the entire Edo State is peopled by the Binis, the Binis voted massively for Oshiomhole.

“Those who are complaining of marginalization now should check their conscience to find out the roles they played and still playing to drag the Binis backward because of their selfish interest. The judgment day when the chickens will come home to roast is near” he stated.

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