Oshiomhole Raises Alarm over Plan to Import Voters


Governor Adams Oshiomhole
By Olawale Olaleye
Campaign organisation of Governor Adams Oshiomhole for the July 14, Edo State governorship election, has raised the alarm over alleged plans by the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to bring in voters from neighbouring states.

Director of Media and Publicity, Oshiomhole Campaign Organisation, Mr. Kassim Afegbua, in an exclusive chat with THISDAY, said the move was an indication of the fact that the PDP lacked ideas and only wanted to leverage on illegal factors in the exercise.

“We are aware that they intend to import people to the State to do dirty jobs for them. That also explains their unpopularity in the face of total domination by the ruling Action Congress of Nigeria. This is why we find it amusing each time we hear PDP talk about winning election in Edo State.

Where are they going to get the votes from? Whatever manipulation they intend to do, they will meet very strong opposition from us.

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“If the PDP truly believes it is on ground in Edo State, why would they require extraneous bodies and powers to come to their aid? Why do they think the federal might can undo the system in Edo State? If they try anything funny, they will get something funny.

“If they try to be violent, they will meet their Waterloo. If they try to be clever by half, they will meet the wisdom of clever and the wise. If they try to import violence into the State, we will export them out of the State. We are equal to the task in all dimensions, in all ramifications, in every material particular,” Afegbua added.

Afegbua described PDP’s major undoing as laziness, adding that for as long as the party continues with such tradition, it would never get close to power again. “How can the PDP laze about without campaigns and yet, think it could win the election? How possible?

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What is their selling point? What blueprint do they have for the State? Afegbua asked.
He contended that the PDP had been engrossed in sheer blackmail and campaign of calumny rather than devote time to propagating ideas and policy focused on the people.

“I still find it very laughable and ridiculous that in this age of reason and ideas, PDP could still regale in oleaginous paean about coming to preside over the collective patrimony of the state.

It is nauseating and quite disturbing that rather than embrace the verdict of the people that the Comrade Governor has done meritoriously well in view of his tremendous performance, PDP is still busy chasing shadow.

“We feel it is the legitimate right of the people to feel the pulse of those who aspire to govern them. That is why the Governor is going round and to use the opportunity to present his scorecard in fulfillment of his campaign promises.  If you look round Edo State today, those who matter in politics exist in the Action Congress of Nigeria.

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What you have left in the opposition PDP, are remnants, especially those who cannot sustain any plausible argument about governance and performance.”
He, however, said the July 14 election “is a foregone conclusion because the people are rooting for Oshiomhole and that will also provide him the opportunity to complete all the good works he had started.


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  1. Stalin Jay   June 4, 2012 at 3:23 am

    Its saddening that the courageous Oshomole have joined this crying baby party, Asiwaju Company Nigeria (ACN)….


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