Delta State Varsity Lecturer Caught Attempting To Have Sex With Student

A lecturer in Delta State University from the department of Theatre Art was caught red handed by neighbour and boyfriend of the girl he intend to have sex with.

According to the information gathered, Dr. Ifeanyi  has disturbed his student identified as Tega in many occasions to the point of threatening her with her exams and result.
Tega who had struggled resisting his advances could no longer hold it but confessed the disturbing problem to her friend and boyfriend who arranged with her to invite the lecturer home instead of the hotel Mr. lecturer earlier suggested.
On the faithful day, the lecturer came in, Tega pretended to lock the door but kept it unlock for her friends to come in when it was time. The lecturer who was completely ignorant of the plans fell to the plan by pulling of his clothes to embark on the action he came for.
Behold, the boyfriend and girlfriend walked in and caught him red handed..


Mr. Lecturer, aren’t you married?

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  1. Allroundgistblog   June 9, 2013 at 7:17 pm

    served him right. yeye man


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