A man cries for reaching 40-year-old

By  Ehi Ekhator

What most people would organize a big party for, was a thing of sadness to a polish man simply  called as Pawell.

Pawell resides  in Sri Lanka and  has been  living there for the past five  years.

He sat down, gazing  at his laptop as he  sadly sips  his beer. Tears dropping down his eyes  as he wish he never gets old.

Speaking with NAIJA CENTER NEWS correspondent today, he expressed  sadness over his  age. According to him,  he might not be able  to do things  he  used to do as he is getting older.

He said “I am 40, and i hate the sound of that. I am getting old and i can’t do anything about it, i  won’t be able to do what  i used to  do when i get older”

Pawell is a  tourist guide and he hates anything religion. It took time to be able to convince him that age is not  in the heart but  on the skin.

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