Abuja’s ban on mini-buses

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by Our Reporter

SIR: The recent ban on mini buses on some routes in Abuja by the FCT administration was never intended to cause any hardship to the residents. The true situation is that the FCT minister intends a realistic delineation for mini and high capacity buses in the FCT, just like it occurs in all modern cities of the world.

It is mischievous for some persons to claim that the decision of the FCT administration to ban mini-buses from operating in the city centre is borne out of conceit or any other reason. The ban has been in the pipeline since 2010 and it arose as a result of the challenges posed by the actions and operations of the mini-buses which had led to congestion in the city, persistent gridlock, and chaos from their unruly nature.

The policy is intended to reduce traffic accidents, improve security and restore sanity on major roads and interchanges in the nation’s capital.

This policy on the restriction of the operation of mini-buses on some routes in the city is similar to the ban on motorcycles by the former FCT administration which was greeted by a negative general public uproar but in the long run it is the same general public that is commending the efforts of government. When the high capacity buses commence services in the city, it will no longer be a situation of everything goes as there will be designated bus stops and the high capacity buses will be compelled by virtue of the agreement entered into with the administration to strictly adhere to picking and dropping of passengers at designated bus stops and ensuring they do not impede other road users as was the norm when mini-buses were operating in the city.

Residents of the FCT must view the new policy on transportation as bringing order back to the very chaotic situation; as no responsible and well meaning society that sincerely wants development, thrives on chaos.

The vision of Senator Bala Mohammed is to move the FCT to the next level of development and this includes the new policy for transport operation that is designed to provide an organised transport structure; which invariably is in the overriding interest of the plethora of residents of the capital city.


• Mohammed Awwalu Ibro


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