God and Our Ancestors Are Angry With Governor Okorocha – BNC

God and Our Ancestors Are Angry With Governor Okorocha – BNC

Being a text of an open letter to Mr. Rochas Okorocha, Governor of Imo State, Tuesday 31, July 2018


The Board of Trustees, Patrons and members of Benin National Congress Worldwide read with utter consternation your recent reckless and mischievous outburst against our revered father and son, His Excellency Chief John Odigie-Oyegun (the first democratically elected chairman of the All Progressives Congress) wherein among other things, you maliciously accused him of a “plot to abort Buhari’s reelection Bid’.

The general opinion is that you have been destined to fail going by the torrent of political and ancestral challenges that have confronted you in the once peaceful State and our reaction on this premise could have been as irrelevant.

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However, it behoves on us as an assembly of nobles that stands for the protection and preservation of the pre-eminence of the Benin Culture and Traditions to reprimand you for your penchant to dishonourable and uncouth commentaries which obviously belittles the office of Governor.
In case you have forgotten or pretending not to know, Chief J. E. K. Odigie-Oyegun is a deep-rooted Iroko – with far-flung branches that have been nurtured with the unravel cultural values of the Benin ethnic nationality; including honesty, hard work, dedication and honour. From your history, which is known to all, none of these attributes is traceable to you and it will, therefore, be in your interest to desist from making yourself available as a willing tool in the hands of your desperate sponsors because, the defeat you will suffer will be colossal, from which you are not likely to recover.

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The Benin National Congress is not interested in your concocted stories surrounding the workings in the APC as a political party and we are not ready to join issues with you on any of fabricated tales. Suffice it to say, however, that your motive among other anti-people chauvinist desires is geared towards ousting Rt. Honourable Rotimi Amaechi from his position as the Director General of the Buhari Campaign Organisation. Our prayer is that God Almighty and our Ancestors should make your devious plan a fruitless endeavour. Amen.

Although we are aware that humility is alien to you judging by your derailed DNA, we encourage you to direct your energy at solving the various legal challenges that are threatening your position as the leader of APC in Imo State, including the recent restraining order by an Abuja High Court. We are embarrassed that your deputy Governor pulled the political rug from your feet and floored you during the recent congresses conducted in your State – despite your animated and unruly noise in Imo as haven retired the political gladiators.

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In your face saving diatribe, you woefully tried to blame the nuclear eruption of APC national crises on His Excellency, Chief Odigie-Oyegun instead of applying yourself to the typical Igbo confession style of running to the market square in naked fashion to apologize to Chief Oyegun for your brute, most nauseating and un-gubernatorial challenge against the very calm and organised political Iroko of Benin ancestral extraction. For your information, Oyegun holds the socio-cultural title of ‘Ogbe N’eni N’edo (the Conqueror).

We encourage you to emulate your kinsman, Dr. Chris Ngige, the Honourable Minister for Labour who has resisted the temptation to be errand boy and relying on his scholarly values, which you obviously lack. In the event that you fail to heed our counsel, we challenge the good people of Imo State that if they still have responsible politicians, that the continued tolerance of abysmal psychological stance of Governor Rochas lives much to be desired!

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We will keep our eyes on the ball!!!

Hon. Orobosa Omo Ojo JP,
Board of Trustees, Benin National Congress.

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