Your leadership has been one sad tale or another – Nigerian lawyer writes Buhari

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Your leadership has been one sad tale or another – Nigerian lawyer writes Buhari

State House,
Aso Villa,

Mr President sir,

It is with great delight and a deep sense of patriotic duty that I write you this letter. I hope it gets to you before the presidential election of February next year.

I remember in 2003 when you first ran for the office of President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria under the platform of ANPP, you were branded as one who was reputed for ethnic bigotry and had the capacity of introducing Sharia as part and parcel of our national laws and legal system. Most Nigerians voted against you in 2003, not because they hated you, but because of the ethnic bigotry that belies your personality. It was for this same reason you lost both the 2007 and 2011 elections, respectively.

President Buhari
President Buhari

In the build-up to the 2015 general elections, a majority of Nigerians were tired of the status quo and wanted something different. Your new political platform, (a conglomeration of existing political parties with different ideologies), under the umbrella of “APC”, came up with a cliché of “CHANGE”. There was nothing you and your party did not promise Nigerians. The only thing you did not promise Nigerians was a guaranteed place in paradise, above.

As God would have it, you were declared the winner of the 2015 presidential election. In your May 29th inaugural speech, you emphatically stated, “I belong to nobody, I belong to everybody”. Looking back, I doubt if you ever meant that statement. I also doubt if your speechwriter, who copied it from an old speech of a former French President, took time to explain its importance to you.

Sir, since your assumption of office as President of Nigeria on May 29th, 2015, Nigerians have not had it easy under your rule, if you will, your leadership. It has been one sad tale or another. The naira has become a mockery in the foreign exchange market. From a single digit inflation in May 2015, the Nigerian economy is now experiencing an upward double-digit inflation. Corruption which you promised to fight has become the fourth arm of your government.

Arising from the foregoing, it is important for me to now deconstruct your borrowed inaugural statement of “I belong to nobody, I belong to everybody”. Mr. President, in all honesty, do you belong to everybody? If yes, does that everybody include the millions of school children across Nigeria you promised a meal per day? Does that everybody include the countless number of Nigerians killed by Fulani herdsmen under your watch? On the other hand, does the “nobody” include the marauding and blood-thirsty Fulani herdsmen, none of whom have yet been brought to justice for their extra-judicial killings in Benue and elsewhere, under your watch? The “nobody” appears to be the real beneficiaries of your government. Be that as it may, I can even go on and on about the “everybody” who now wail and suffer under your watch. But, I am constrained by time and space. One thing is very certain. The “everybody” who you claim you belong to will decide your fate and that of your party, come February next year.

I wish to make one final appeal to you, Mr President. Please do not fail to contest next year’s presidential election as your party’s candidate. It will afford you the opportunity of explaining what happened to your promise of “I belong to nobody, I belong to everybody”. It will also afford Nigerians the opportunity of knowing the half-truths surrounding the petrol subsidy issue and the source of your proposed campaign funds. I trust when that time comes you will not fail to explain to Nigerians the reason behind your choice of London as your first point of contact whenever you fall ill. This is totally contrary to what you promised in 2015. I leave you to ponder over these and much more to come in your remaining days in office.

Your fellow citizen,

Andrew Emwanta.


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