How To End Boko Haram Insurgence

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By Ehi Ekhator

Ending the menace of Boko Haram

Boko HaramBattling Boko Haram has been the most difficult challenge Nigeria is confronting in the later times. The name Boko Haram is similar to a feared illness, and gives people restless night especially those living in the North.

Nigeria government is applying a system which demonstrated insufficient. It is like cutting the branch of a tree, leaving the root and stem which makes the tree to re-sprout without a moment’s hesitation. Boko Haram is a perplexing group and has given rise to diverse  terrorist groups since the government have been unable to carry justice to the individuals who began it.

How do we truly need to check this threat (Boko Haram)?

1. Boko Haram sponsors: A terrorist group like Boko Haram can’t works completely without  sponsors some of which are the eager government officials who are covering up under the umbrella to accomplish their political objectives by going after whoever is against them. It is horrifying that as of right now, the legislature is even now acting like as though they don’t know the group’s supporters.

A few governors, senators have been linked with Boko Haram, and these people are as of now walking around without arraignment. The supporters are responsible for arms supplies and other different things they require, like building a camp, feedings, and getting vital information etc. In the event that the legislature address these backers, Boko Haram will be defenseless.

2.Justice:  It is applicable that the individuals who perpetrated wrongdoing may as well face the law. In Nigeria, Justice is dependably postponed. There are amounts of Boko Haram members captured for a considerable length of time and are yet to face justice. Around these individuals have been discharged through jail break, and innocent prison warders killed in the process.

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Nigeria lawful framework is so degenerate and it bewilders me how the administration paid deaf ears to something as critical as serving justice as could be expected under the circumstances. Every living soul is savvy to Cynthia, the young lady who was a casualty of two ravenous Nigerians on Facebook. She was killed and the executioners were captured. Till today, more than a year now, the case is still in court even with all the proof given and confessions made by the killers.

The remembrances of Aluu 4 still remain something we can’t overlook so soon. That is once more, quite a while back and there has been no judgement till today. Lawan Farouk who was found on camera taking bribe from Femi is even now pending and i am certain both Lawal and his cohort are still on a month to month compensation.

A boko Haram member called Sokoto Kabiru who planned Thisday bombing is still in custody and till today, no justice is served. There are others in care, solidified offenders who the court paid hard of hearing ears to and has expanded the wrongdoing tremendously in Nigeria.

3. Security: Nigerians were made accept that the securities are there to secure and save our lives. Take my statement “made accept” Are Nigeria securities not one of the hoodlums we are battling? Around the securities operator sent to battle Boko Haram are a few parts of the extremist as well. You can’t utilize terrorists to battle terrorists. A nation where they recognize what they are doing, each security operators ought to be tagged “suspect” as they are giving essential data to the terrorist group.

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The securities sent to these zones who should be at caution 24hrs have extricate up. Nigeria security agents and the issues of liquor. You could recall what happened when securities agents were sent to Omatose group, they were all drunk which gave the terrorist group opportunity to easily ambushed them .

4. Dishonesty: The major problem of these entire issue is the way Nigeria government decided to lie about reality. While battling the religious extremists, a few officers have decided to utilize the medium to amass riches for themselves by swelling costs on expenditures acquired throughout the procedure. Nigerians are misled everyday that the vampires will soon quit sucking the blood of innocent Nigerians.

It will be more sensible if the administration choose to close down the communication in these influenced zone as they did some time recently. Correspondence around the terrorist assembly is a crucial part to give careful consideration to. When the government applied the system of shutting down communication,  there were incredible outcomes and parts of the Boko Haram were stranded without data from their leaders or sponsors on who to strike or where to strike next.

Nigeria is becoming a country where our leaders represent their religion instead of the people they are meant to represent, the legislature should screen the religious freak like Senator Yerima, Shettima and others. A country where the president is aware of the terrorist sponsors and those representing the Boko Haram and yet refused to bring them to justice.

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To what extent might we battle Boko Haram as though we are playing? The people dying are not animals. Government should act fast otherwise in the future, i anticipate greater bedlam around ethnic and religious bunches.

Communication: Everyone knows communication is the major problem to the military failure to capture a number of the sect.Last time, the government decided to shut down communication in the north, during this time, a number of positive reports were heard in favour of the government. Most members of the sect could be a beggar on the street who gives the sect information on when to strike. Senators could just dial their numbera and call Shekau to give him the next line of action or what was discussed on the last security meeting.

If the government could just cut off the communication for few months more, there will be problem on the part of the insurgents and the government should device a different means of communication within the securities.


Who are the real Boko Haram?

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