Mutually assured destruction

One is genuinely alarmed at the drumbeats of war sounding across Nigeria. The cacophony of voices issuing threats on calamity that will befall us if President  Goodluck Jonathan is allowed or disallowed to run for the 2015 presidential election is frightening. One could be forgiven for believing that 2015 is the doomsday for Nigeria. The stage could also not have been better set for two belligerent states spoiling for war. But, to think that compatriots threaten their own country by calling for a state of war on candidates of elections. What, then, is the essence of the ballot box? The calibre of men making these inflammatory statements is most disappointing and disgusting. What hope remains for this nation when highly placed citizens indulge in unguarded remarks? But they are the first to go into dialogue with their feet on any sign of commotion.

Chief lmam Taofeek Sanni,

Trade Fair Complex, Central Mosque,

Lagos State,





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