Pardon for Boko Haram terrorists?

To some people on the high horse, life means nothing when things are still going their way. Not until they lose a soul dear to their heart would they for once think and act congruently along the line of unmitigated logic. The Nigerian President and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, has been credited with the reported news by that some suspected Boko Haram terrorists under the watchful eyes of prison guards in the country were given presidential pardon to go home in peace leaving those whose relatives were mercilessly bombed out of life, wail and leak their wounds forever uncomforted.  I don’t mean to sound braggadocios of my previous public efforts in joining reasonable members of our society condemning everything condemnable about lousy resolves coming out of the Aso Rock in recent times.

Can one tell me that this regime is not a magnificent advert for the plague of misfortunes Nigeria has been contending with in the past few years?  Recently, it was an army of treasury looters and corrupt brigades that was given presidential pardon for stealing more than enough to cater for their families and to the detriment of pensioners and job-seekers without due consideration to people’s feelings. The decision to free the lucky members of the Boko Haram sect without a Court order will forever remain an unfortunate pronouncement by the President. However, the tragedy of a people lies in the failure to recognise and promptly reject a doctrine of insolence and insipid in politics. People say there’s always a “next year.” It is a phrase that disguises impotence and failure. The folly of this example became multiplied by the choruses that lauded its wisdom. By the way, Boko Haram means death, life terminator, property destroyer, enemy of the nation; yet, Jonathan’s verdict is “no sufficient evidence” to punish them. Nigeria, we hail thee.

Samuel Aruleba,

PhD, London, UK,


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