President Jonathan Misfires

By Ehi Ekhator

While confused, fighting and angry over the  purchase of two armoured cars by the aviation minister during the aviation financial difficulty, president Jonathan fired Festus Odimegwu as Population Commission boss.

JonathanThe president who has sworn to fight against corruption has turned deaf ears and blind eyes to a secret that turned open transactions maybe due to the fact that the person involved is his untouchable.

Many Nigerians have condemned the propose national conference as a mere waste rather than concentrating on reducing corruption in the country. Nigerians can’t really figure out why President Jonathan despite the indictment and proof of the scandals concerning the BMW cars, refused to take action.

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Sources had it that Jonathan fired the population boss because of a statement he made concerning population census in the past.

The former Managing Director of Nigerian Breweries Plc has been embroiled in controversy over the nation’s census history, with northern politicians calling for his removal.

Mr. Odimegwu referred to the past census in the country since 1816 as not credible and blamed the cause on the distortion and falsification of figures on selfish and political reasons.

“No census has been credible in Nigeria since 1816. Even the one conducted in 2006 is not credible. I have the records and evidence produced by scholars and professors of repute; this is not my report. If the current laws are not amended, the planned 2016 census will not succeed,” Mr. Odimegwu was reported to have said.

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The Presidency reportedly queried Mr. Odimegwu over the statements after the Governor of Kano State, Rabiu Kwankanso, at a meeting with President Jonathan, faulted Mr. Odimegwu’s appointment as the NPC boss.

“I also raised the issue of the Chairman of the National Population Commission headed by one Festus Odimegwu. We are not happy about that appointment, and think that it was a mistake,” Mr. Kwankanso said in an interview with State House correspondents.

“He had only one thing in alcoholic industry (sic), all his life. And my guess is that he’s taking a lot of his products and that is why we feel that his appointment is a mistake because he cannot be the Chairman of NPC and at the same time attack what his predecessors have done,” the governor said.

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President Jonathan, our sources in the administration said, subsequently directed Mr. Odimegwu to resign or be fired.

EFCC on the other hand, a body established to fight anti graft has cried out few days back for inadequate capital to the point of not able to hire lawyers to prosecute corrupt politicians.

A top source in the commission said, “It is painful that we could be in this mess. Imagine an agency fighting corruption to be financially incapacitated? It  is  bad.

“The programmes  we suspended were designed to project the commission and also keep Nigerians abreast of  the activities of the commission.

“But now, they are dead because we can’t pay the affected stations. We could have suspended the publication of our in-house magazine as well, but the Chairman resisted it and vowed to make sure that it  is not suspended.”

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Who is to prosecute Stella Oduah, the president who seems unconcerned as it involves his political supporter or EFCC who cannot pay lawyers to prosecute people like the aviation minister, Stella?

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