I sold my car to make new movie–Bayo Alawiye

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By Anthony Obi

Bayo Alawiye is an actor and director. He is the director of  popular music reality shows, Project Fame West Africa, MTN TV Game Show and Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. In this interview with The Entertainer, he talks about his forthcoming movie, Dark Side, his career and other interesting issues.


Who is Bayo Alawiye?

Bayo Alawiye is an actor and a director. I have a B.A in Theatre Arts from the University of Ibadan. I came into the industry 2006/2007.

What was growing up like?

I originated from the lower cadre of the society. The only thing that made the difference for me was that I discovered early on that I did not belong there so I started working my way up as early as I could. I was born into a family of five.

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As a Theater Arts graduate, one would have expected you to appear more on screen. What motivated your choice to direct?

Being a graduate of Theatre Arts does not automatically qualify one as an actor. It depends on one’s area of specialization. Yes, I went to study Theatre Arts specifically to sharpen my acting skills but I later found out theatre is far bigger than acting. After I had acted everything actable on stage, I yearned for more challenges so I took to directing.

At what point did you decide to go into directing?

I actually started as a scriptwriter and at some point I thought I could be that guy in the script. I was studying Chemistry at Olabisi Onababjo University then. I enrolled with a local group known as Solid Foundation Theatre Group and after a few months, I realised I could act so I abandoned OON and applied for a diploma programme in Theatre Arts at the University of Ibadan. I came into acting professionally in 2006.

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Can you tell us about your forthcoming movie?

My forthcoming movie is entitled Dark Side. It is my first big budget movie. It took all my life’s savings and my car which i had to sell. I did it with a friend of mine, Dare Dada. Yes I have produced a few Yoruba movies but they were produced for the home video medium. Dark Side is my biggest movie so far. It is a story of betrayal, lust and revenge. It stars acts like Joseph Benjamin, Nobert Young, Uru Eke, Sylvia Udeogu, Yemi Solade and I.

When is it hitting the cinemas?

The movie premieres end of May.

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