Julius Agwu to Host Nigerian Entertainment Industry Health Insurance Convention

One of Nigeria’s most talented entertainers, Julius Agwu has been announced as the host for Nigerian Entertainment Industry Health Insurance Convention while veteran media personality and CEO of Inspiration FM, Mr Soni Irabor and top actor, Joseph Benjamin have been announced as the moderators for the convention respectively.

The event which is billed to hold on Tuesday July 22nd, 2014 at the Grand Ball Room of Eko Hotel & Suites is increasingly garnering momentum as more entertainment industry stakeholders continue to identify with it as novel project that is timely and laudable.

Aside launching the ‘Nigerian Entertainment Industry Health Trust Fund and making public the Board of Trustees, it is widely believed that this convention will help the practitioners of the entertainment industry to preserve their own future and that of their families. This will help them save a fraction of their earnings today for their health insurance schemes against rainy days instead of blowing all on life’s frivolities. It will also come at an affordable rate owing to the unique nature of the health insurance cover design being planned for the entire entertainment industry.

Under this plan, entertainers will have easy and ready access to a network of good doctors across several hospitals with standard medical facilities and information. They would also be encouraged to embark on regular checkups whereby potential life threatening ailments may be uncovered early and dealt with before degenerating. Adequate arrangements for timely intervention to save the lives of practitioners within the industry in case of eventualities will also be prominent on the agenda. At the end of this convention, entertainers would have been convinced on the need to put more premium values on their health as well the importance of health insurance.
The convention is presented by Nigerian Entertainment Industry Lecture Series (NEILS) and is in partnership with National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) and Lagos State Ministry of Health.

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