10 ways to look hot right now

You want to look hot? Then, this is the season to splurge on the bright colours, edgy graphics and tons of accessories. They are all fun, and amazingly easy to pull off.  So, here is our guide to the top wearable trends that would bring out the wow factor anywhere you go.


For some time now shorts have been with us, but what’s more prominent now is the Bermuda shorts otherwise known as knee-length shorts. Many women love the versatility of the length. Trust me; they’re ultra-chic, family-friendly, and flattering.

Black and white

We all know that usually at this time of the year, style goes all floral, but this time around, the emphasis is more on the mono chrome look. The good thing about this is that you can rock this trend all year round and it can easily be transformed from day to night look. It’s so easy to pull off, and budget-friendly, too.

Peekaboo pieces

If you want something sexy and spectacular to wear, then you need not worry because your problem is all solved with the new daring cutouts, midriff baring separates, high-up splits and sheer fabrics all over the runway. However, not everyone can pull this look without looking trashy, so you should be modest about your pick.

Statement sunglasses

If you really want to turn heads, then pick up OMG-worthy sunglasses. They come in various shapes and sizes but each pair is louder and more gorgeous than the next.

Bold stripes

We are in the era of bold stripes, pick one or two for your wardrobe and go make a statement with it.   This trend is big, bold, uncomplicated and sassy. Seriously, the big thing about this fab look is that you will be able to wear them for many seasons to come.

Pop-art lips

You want to be described as stunning beauty? Then let your lips do the talking. Swipe on tangerine or fuchsia colour of lipstick and watch the magical transformation.  But, if you are daring enough, you can wear both at the same time. Paint lips pink then spice it up with orange onto the centre.

Sport dresses

With the flirty A-line skirt and shoulder-flaunting bodices you sure would be distracting a lot of guys. Go, strut your stuff with this stunning look that works easily with wedges and high-heeled sandals.

Flats and low heels

We said this last weekend, and we are saying it again that low heels are trendy now. Sexy ‘90’s pointy heels are back with modernized ankle straps and cylindrical heels. You will definitely score more points if you pair them with boyfriend jeans or Bermuda shorts.

Candy nails

Feel the princess vibes with pastels colours on your nail.  These colours are so cool and sweet that you can’t just let go. There are so many shades like mint, sorbet, canary and paper white to experiment with.

Aquatic eyes

Every shade of blue was everywhere on the runway, so blue is our favourite eye colour. It is an art that pops out your eyes, but our preference is the peacock blue, most especially for colbat cat eye and midnight smoke appeal.

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