Rapper 2shotz Replies Beverly Osu Over False Accusation

By Vanessa Enofe

Sequel to the assertion made by Beverly Osu of the Big Brother Africa that  she was a victim of molestation and assault, her ex boyfriend has  responded to  her  claim.

she said she was once beaten up by her ex rapper boyfriend,and even when she went to the bathroom to hide,the guy didn-t stop and even broke the door down and continued beating her,in her words she said she has a scar to dat violence.

She revealed this  to her housemates  in a discussion concerning violence  and how  women endure maltreatment from men.

Though she didn’t  mention the name  of  her  ex rapper boyfriend, but 2shotz,  the  popular Nigerian rapper replied her claim  and denied  ever battering a  woman. He added that he has respect  for women and as  far as he is concerned.

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From 2shotz statement, he revealed that Beverly  Osu is trying  to seek pity  from fans in order  to win  the #BBATHECHASE money


In view of the baseless,unfounded and utterly false representations made against my person being circulated on various blogs and social networks which have prompted a barrage of calls,messages from my fans,friends and family urging me to respond to the allegations levelled against me,i consider it imperative to address these highly derogatory and defamatory allegations being levelled against me.

Whilst i understand that bigbrother is a game where a vast sum of money is on offer on a winner takes all basis and housemates deploy several antics and tactics to win,i totally reject the ploys of a certain housemate using serious character assassination means which are injurious to my person and hard earned reputation as a musician and a respectable and responsible member of the NIgerian society to evoke sentiments in order to garner votes to succeed in the house.

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I want to state on record that i have never battered any woman and would never do so.i consider acts of battery and assault against women even against men as barbaric and puerile and as such will never indulge in such acts.

I as a person appreciates the importance of women and appreciate their efforts as home builders,mothers and wives and would never raise my hands on a woman contrary to the repulsive and erroneous allegations being levelled against me.

I therefore urge all my fans,friends and family to discredit the false reports being circulated against me as they are totally untrue,false and baseless.i want to thank those who inundated me with calls,text messages and Facebook messages expressing concern on the false allegations.God bless you all.

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  1. James Agholor   August 9, 2013 at 8:30 pm

    Beverly z a dsgrace, nt only to Nigeria, buh d entire continent.


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