Five qualities of a good manager

It is vital for a manager to possess certain qualities that enable them to give employees a sense of direction and purpose at work.

A good manager contributes to an organisation’s success by using these qualities to maximise the potential of the employees they manage. Here are five must-have qualities of a good manager.

Leadership qualities of managers

One of the critical success factors of an effective manager is the ability to take initiative, give 100 per cent at work and be mindful of company time and resources. A good manager should always lead by example. If employees hear one thing from a manager and then see them do something that is conflicting, it can be detrimental to the work ethic of the whole department. A manager must also have more than basic understanding of the work process in order to provide guidance and direction.

Managers as communicators

The ability to communicate well is a management skill every good manager possesses. Communication is not just about conveying organisation’s messages and work instructions to the employees.

It also involves listening to employees and learning their working styles in order to effectively communicate tasks and feedback.

According to the article “Qualities of Good Business Communication Skills”, an important part of business communication is understanding the audience you are communicating with.

Managers as motivators

A good manager is one who motivates employees to do the best at their job. This involves enabling employees by giving them responsibility and accountability for their work.

A good manager motivates their employees by rewarding them for exceptional work and ensures they have the resources and proper work environment to succeed.

Teacher/mentor role of managers

Good managers possess both mentoring and teaching qualities. An effective manager is always willing to teach better ways of doing things. They are also involved in mentoring employees so that they can achieve greater potential and advancement within the company.

A good manager identifies the potential in employees and helps to steer them towards achieving their fullest potential within the organisation.

Professionalism in management

A good manager always deals professionally with the employees. Successful management entails keeping relations with employees on a respectful level and maintaining confidentiality of employee information. It also involves fair acknowledgment of employees work and upholding employee worth by handling individual issues privately.



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