It’s Not Men Responsibilities To Cook At Home

The trouble is that males have long be conditioned to believe that they are some how free from domestic  responsibilities,  even if the woman of the household works outside the home.

I remember a girl who was about to take O’level exams saying to me bitterly during a class discussion. “Exams or not, my mother always expects me to help wash and get the meals ever evening. but if my brother as much as put a plate on the table, everyone falls about in admiration!”  And it is true that men usually feel very noble indeed if they perform a few simple chore. Always on the assumption that it is not’ their job after all. ” Did you notice i’d taken our rubbish to the dustbin ” one husband asked his wife, seeking praise. And she replied. “well, i could say thank you but tell me just why it is all my rubbish in this little home we share and equally mess up?

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Because boys are  often not  taught the  basics of keeping a  home going or  make to feel the responsibility for it,  they can always plead incompetence  in later life – which is an easy way to slide out of things.

A Professor, Olumide Ajayi once describe his domestic responsibilities in a  newspaper interview. “I have changed Nicholas’s  (his son) nappies in a crisis. I am in fact not very  helpful round the house not out  all, out  of principle, simple because i am not very good at it. It doesn’t come naturally, i can’t cook i am afraid,  i can’t even   boil an egg. In a sense, my wife sorts of run  Nicholas. She is  a much  more of a managing character than i am. She tends to take the day to day decision. I think that’s true  of most household, don’t you think?”

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IT is a sorry comment in the build in bias of our social education that a man as highly intelligent as Olumide can admit quiet unashamedly in a public that he  cannot even cook a simple meal: the assumption being of  course, that  such tedious  chores do “come  naturally” to women.

As novelist Margaret Drabble crisply put it “I  no longer find  it  touching or amusing when men say they do not know how to boil an  egg, it think it is damn silly.” For,  she  continued eating is one  of the fundamental porocesses of human survival and not to teach boys how to prepare their own meal is  actually handicapping by  making them forever dependent on someone else, invariably, a woman to do it for them.

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I have a brother, who when hungry would prefer  to remain empty  stomach until someone prepares the food. He thinks  such domestic work belongs to the women and not him as a man.

Can you cook?

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