2,000 bags of Indian hemp found in ‘grave’ in Ondo

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Officers  of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) in Ondo State, have impounded 2,000 bags of Indian Hemp valued at over N20 million.

The bags of marijuana were confiscated by the NDLEA officials after three days operation carried out in the forest at Ago Dada in Akure North Local Government area of the state.

The bags were evacuated from a grave-like path of a bush where they were buried to conceal them from being detected.

The State Commander of the Agency, Mr. Walter Nicholas  said the activities of Indian hemp planters and cultivators have assumed dangerous dimension in the state.

He explained that the barons have continued to devise new methods of concealing their drugs.
“It is sad that these barons have continued to devise means of concealing Indian hemp from us. This time around they hid the substance in grave like hole to deceive our men”.

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The NDLEA boss lamented that despite the efforts being made by the agency, drug barons are discovering new methods of hiding the substance from the agency’s officials

He said, “As an agency, whenever we stumble on any form of strategy adopted by these drug barons, we immediately expose it to the public so that collectively, we can provide surveillance that may lead to the interception of actions.

He said the agency is aware that most of the drug barons have moved to the forest where most of their activities are now taking place, adding that the command is ready to put up 24-hour surveillance around the state.

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For the illicit to be reduced to the barest minimum, Mr. Nicholas said much is still being expected from the law court despite all efforts that have been put in place by the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) in trying to make Nigeria a drug free society. “.,

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