Again! Husband abandons 23-year-old wife with triplet

…As she carries her babies to beg in market


Traders and visitors to the Eke Awka market were astonished recently when a young girl displayed her new born triplet in front of the market under the sun and was soliciting alms.

The young girl, who gave her name as Blessing Osunbor and aged 23, said she came to Awka from Onitsha where she and her babies have stayed for some weeks after their arrival from her hometown, Oron in Cross River State.

It was like an offering time in the church as people walk to the spot and dropped money in the plate she kept there with sympathy as they watched the triplet lying on the mat spread on the cover of drains.

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According to the 23-year-old Blessing, when she pitched her tent with one Okon whom she does not even know his surname in Oron Cross River State, she thought a bright future had started.

And without caution she assumed the position of a wife without the knowledge or consent of her parents and consequently became pregnant. Okon, she said, pretended to have loved her as he acted a good husband until the day she was delivered of her babies.

After Blessing put to bed triplets, by the time babies and mum returned to Okon’s house, he was allegedly said to have taken to his heels after some days and never returned. Blessing who said she hails from Oron Calabar told Daily Sun that when she could not see Okon she has to carry the triplet, two girls and a boy, out on the streets to solicit help from public-spirited people.

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Hear her story: Me and Okon I was in a relationship with Okon, the man who impregnated me. I was living with him in the house he rented. My mum does not know him as she is old and in the village while I was staying in Oron town.

I delivered my babies at the Apostolic Church Oron and when I returned to the house, but few days after my return Okon ran away from the house and his phone does not go any longer.

Why I went into begging with the triplets

My triplet, two girls and a boy are about two months and because we have no one to assist us, I have to leave Oron to Aba and from there to Onitsha from where I came to Awka. I used to sleep in the market with my children in that market in Onitsha before I started this business of bringing them out to seek for people patronage.

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Going to government or churches for help

Asked if she has sought assistance from the government or churches, she said she was advised to go to Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka in Enugu, and would go their when it is convenient for her. “They advised me to go to Mbaka, and they said it is in the night, but I cannot take these children out in the night.”

Okon’s whereabouts

On the whereabouts of Okon, she said: “I don’t know his phone number, the number he used to use does not go again; he must have changed it so that we can’t reach him.” She, however, said that if Okon returns to take care of them, she would accept him back, adding “If he comes back and said he wants to accept his responsibilities, that he has what he will use to take care of us, me and the kids, matter don finish be that.” Blessing also pleaded with people to assist her at least for the sake of the triplet.

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