Appeal to Gov. Akpabio

It is incredible that in a state like Akwa Ibom that is receiving applause from within and outside Nigeria, a community like Ikot Udofia in Nsit Atai L.G Area, is not in the state government scheme of being availed the dividends of democracy.

Ikot Udofia does not have motorable roads (besides pathways constructed by colonial masters), drinkable water, school or electricity. To compound these is the absence of any GSM communications presence which has alienated the community from other parts of Nigeria.

I want to use this medium to ask Governor Godswill Akpabio if we are still part of his constituency. If we are, let his acclaimed wonderful governance and dividends of democracy be felt in Ikot Udofia.

Dr. Jonathan Akpan,

Access International Schools,

Magboro, Ogun State,





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