Bauchi Police Free Man Found With Human Leg

Bauchi State Police Command has cleared a man found with human leg in Gudun village in Bauchi Local Government Area of Bauchi State.

The state Police Public Relations Officer, DSP Haruna Mohammed, while addressing newsmen yesterday in Bauchi said:

“Recently, a man was arrested with human leg in Bauchi. After we rescued him from the mob, we investigated the matter and we discovered that the leg was that of his father. We gathered that the leg was amputated in the hospital due to some problems.

The hospital gave him the amputated leg to go and bury, and as a stranger, he took a motorcycle and asked the operator to take him to the outskirts of the town.

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But the motorcyclist took him to Gudun village and alerted the public. The public attempted to take laws into their hand, but he was rescued by the police”.

The police spokesmen added: “After he was rescued, we took his statement and visited the hospital. When we got to the hospital, we met the man’s father whose leg was amputated and he told us the same story. There was nothing incriminating against the suspect, so we released him”.

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