Enough of recriminations, killings

The incessant killings in the Northern part and inflammatory comments of some highly placed individuals of both North and South in our country, Nigeria are rather ominous. They show that the present Nigerian structure is fast coming to an end. The mutinous Muslim fundamentalists otherwise known as Boko Haram have so far succeeded in killing people, even more than in a war situation. I was completely bowled over by nostalgia that this is the Nigeria that fought a civil war for 30 months. The seemingly weakness of the nation’s security apparatus must not be stretched too far by the insurgence. ENOUGH of this KILLINGS by the blood-thirsty barbarians. Enough of all these political gibberish or sterile recriminations. Yes! Enough is Enough.

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Barry Adams,

4, Olusanya Avenue,

Akute, Ogun State,


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