Entrepreneurs on campus

•How students make money from poultry, photography


Not everyone knows Mr. John Maliki, an Accounting student of the Federal Polytechnic, Bida. Perhaps, he spends more time in his poultry farm than attending campus jives.

Popularly known as Uncle J, Maliki, he runs a mini-poultry farm that generates fund for his studies.

He told Campus Square that the business has been of immense benefit to him, though not so easy combining it with his academic programme.

Despite the task of running the poultry farm, Maliki is happy that his small business has become his lifeline in a country where over 67million youths are jobless. With millions of people searching for jobs, some students have initiated various business ventures to weather the storm.

A few years ago, some youths gathered for a youth empowerment programme. About 45 of them had just finished their secondary school, while 67 had graduated from polytechnics and universities with good grades.

The question on their lips was, ‘When do we get a job in a government or private sector?’ While the population of jobless graduates continues to rise, the fear of unemployment has spread among students in various schools. The enterprising ones among them are already saving for the raining day.

With a token N1,000, some students on campus were able to start recharge card retail business. One of the young entrepreneurs on campus, Fidelis Omochi, popularly called Amicable, a student of Mass Communication, told our reporter that he became a photographer to prepare himself for the job market.

Omochi said he took up the business, shortly after his admission into the school.

According to him, the proceeds from his business had filled his mouth with laughter. “It has indeed become a major source of income for me and it is through this business that I am able to cater for myself, my younger ones and even to pay my school fees.

I hope to continue with the business even after my graduation,” he said. He said the situation of the country was worrisome, where unemployment rate has reached an alarming level.

He advised other students to imbibe the spirit of entrepreneurship so that they would become job creators and not job seekers. Like Maliki, Omochi hopes to become an employer of labour.

Although these campus heroes may not rank among the Dangotes, Adenugas and other business moguls of our time, they have become champions in their various fields, blazing the trail for self -employment among undergraduates.

OCHUNU is a HND 11 student of Mass Communication, FedPoly, Bida

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