Fuel scarcity, Patrol Police grounded at NNPC

By Stalin Jay

Patrol police men and commuters were held to a standstill for several hours at the Oke-Ijebu fuel station of the NNPC as they waited for fuel tanker transporting fuel to the station to offload the petrol.

According to a commuter who would not want his name in print said the situation has been going on for almost five months now and it stems from the fact that some private oil marketers sells theirs above the market rate of 70 naira causing motorists to troop to and queue up at the NNPC station which sells at the official rate.

The situation was compounded when people waiting at the station warp in the carbon mono-oxide oozing from the power generator used to power the station, and struggle to inform friends and relative about their predicaments to no avail as the there was complete network coverage seizure in the area.

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