How Guru Maharaji brainwashed my brother –Ike Osigwe

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Younger brother of Dr Chimezie Osigwe, Ike Sigis Osigwe, who is yet to come to terms with the atrocious behaviour of his elder brother (Chimezie), who hid his mother’s corpse in a wardrobe for 10 years while claiming she was missing, wants him to suffer in police custody for the evil he committed against their mother and family.

Mr Ike Osigwe, who claimed to be a mathematician, told Sunday Sun that his brother had been brainwashed and psychologically damaged since he became a devotee of Sat Guru Maharaji, and has been behaving weird ever since.

Dr Chimezie, he said, had written a petition against Ike’s son, Chibuzor, alleging that he was a kidnapper because he does not want anyone who is not a member of his religious sect to live in that compound.

According to him, it was while the police came to search the house that his mother’s embalmed corpse was found hidden in a wardrobe in a room the brother uses as his temple.

“I came back from America in the late 80’s and decided to stay in Delta State where I was teaching mathematics. I only came back to my community in 2009, when I learnt that my only son, Chibuzor, had ran away from the family home because of the activities of my elder brother. It was then someone from my village told me that my mother was dead. So, I went to Awa, my maternal home, and told them that I heard my mother was dead and that my elder brother had not told me yet.

My maternal relations said they were not aware and warned that their daughter must not be buried outside her matrimonial home.

Continuing, Ike Osigwe said about two weeks later, “Dr Chimezie, my brother, woke me up one morning and said our mother had died and that her corpse was already at the mortuary, but refused to disclose where. It was at that moment he now told me he had initially taken our mother and elder sister to the temple of Sat Guru Maharaji at Ibadan for prayers and that when our mother took ill he had to bring her back to the village and engaged a medical doctor, who he said came around to treat her before she finally died in 2003. Now, I don’t know whether my elder sister is dead or not, because he told me she is still at Sat Guru Maharaji’s camp in Ibadan.”

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He said Dr Chimezie also claimed he had informed their eldest brother, Athan Osigwe, who is a bishop of Orthodox Catholic Church in the United States of America. He has been in the US for over 40 years.

Ike Osigwe also disclosed that one of his elder brothers is a professor of Business Administration in the US.

“My father, the late Joseph Osigwe, brought the Catholic Church to our community, and my family is also the first to produce both a professor and a bishop in the entire town because my late father ensured his children were well-educated. My immediate elder brother, Dr Chimezie, who retired as a school principal, is very intelligent, but since he became a devotee of Sat Guru Maharaji, his behaviour changed as he began to act weird.”

Ike Osigwe said he had not been living in the family house since his return from Delta State in 2009 because his brother had turned the place to a temple for his members, adding that he never knew that their mother’s corpse was hidden in the house. “I only got to know about it after the search by police men who came from State Criminal Investigation Department (SCID) and discovered the corpse in a wardrobe in the room used as temple by Dr Chimezie.

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“I want him to suffer in police custody because of what he has done to the family and to the memory of our father, because no normal person would do what he did. He is a psycho to keep his mother’s corpse in a wardrobe, although I don’t know whether he did it for ritual purposes. So, let him suffer if that would make him regain his lost senses. He has used this religion to destabilize the family and today we are now a laughing stock. At 64, he has no wife and a child, and nobody knows what he has been doing with his money,” Ike said.

However, Ike added that their mother would be given a befitting burial when the police are through with their investigations.

Meanwhile, Chukwueke Amadi, one of the kinsmen of Dr Chimezie, told Sunday Sun that Dr Chimezie was a principal and a bright man, but the people never suspected the man nor did he tell his kinsmen that his mother was dead.

“We were all shocked to the marrow when police discovered the embalmed corpse of the mother in a wardrobe. The only thing we knew was that she traveled to the US because two of her sons are there. Everybody in this community knows he’s a member of the Guru Maharaji sect and they don’t associate with those who are not their members. So, it was really difficult to know what was really going on in that house as only members of the sect are allowed into that compound. If not for the police, nobody would have known the mother had been long dead,” Amadi said.

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He added that since Dr Chimezie joined the Guru Maharaji sect he ceased to participate in any communal activity and the entire community also avoids any contact with him.

“We have long suspected that the activities of Dr Chimezie might be the reason his bothers decided not to return home,” he said.

Also, Mr. Marcellinus Onyima told Sunday Sun that the late mother of Dr Chimezie Osigwe was the elder sister of his father. He said at no time did Dr Chimezie inform his maternal uncles that his mother was dead, but that each time they enquired about her the usual answer was that she was in the US with her children.

“This man (Chimezie) never told anybody that his mother was dead, all he kept telling people whenever they asked after the mother was that she had  gone to America to live with her other children and most people believed him because his brothers are in the US. But we also discovered that the man hardly spoke to people and acted in a way that scared people from coming to the house. So, when we heard news of what happened we were shocked, We know the Guru Maharaji sect is an occult religion and that explains why he could do what he did.”

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